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Leslie 2017 update read desc. by EllieDarkside Leslie 2017 update read desc. by EllieDarkside
hueheuhehuheeuuehuehueheuheuhe eue eyyyyy whats up my dudes 
yup im wack with another one! tis moist
you know i make these everytime i feel like it lmao
anyway lets stop yappin' and get straight to the tasty bio heavily updated fam 

Name: Leslie Adams
Age: 19
height: 5"1
weight: 124
gender: Female
Relationship: Unknown. Theory that her and Comet are a thing.
Personality: well after 3 years of total shenanigans from people, riots, propaganda, people following her around with cameras, Comet's bullshit, responsibilities, wars, alliance making, and alot of death. She actually is quite shaky at times, paranoia set in. she actually isn't afraid to get dirty and start throwing punches.. also inspired from Comet. But if she is relaxed and chill, she is actually a very considerate and caring person. She has a overall positive attitude, witty, and quick on her feet. 
Family: Mom (Mary Adams), Dad (Marcus Adams), Fallen twin brother (Anthony), very much alive older brother (Clarence)
Likes: Cherry pie, dancing, sleeping, making potions, discovering new sectors, exploring woodlands, plaza shopping, and gardening. 
Dislikes: Getting photos taken, newspapers, being left alone with a stranger.
Strengths: Potions, flying, smol and silent 
Flaws: Smol, weak, Comet terms "A Girl in general", short temper.

Other traits: Has a spell on her, it covers scars... after 3 years she looks pretty beat up. Wings; Each wings is 4ft long.

Clothing traits: She is a skirt kinda gal, likes sweaters and cute things. But for flying she can be seen hair braided, tank top crop top, high waist-ed shorts, combats, and the leather straps wrapped over her clothes to keep everything together. usually topped off with goggles. wears sneakers, and hoodies at times. 

Weapons and their purposes: Staff; given weapon, used for magic purposes, and combat.
Hidden blade glove/ rope launcher: In some sectors, due to propaganda and the people's issues she is actually banned from flying. so sometimes she is "grounded" and to get to high places she uses the rope. Blade is also used for back up weapons. rope can extend over 30ft

Now lets get to the magical stuff!

Elemental powers: Has very weak wind powers
line of combat; Support
Line of work: a Medic/healer potion maker, some people refer to her as a witch
Sector representative: Venus sector (aka the birb people magical winged creatures and things with wings)
Sector origin: Gina Sector (powerless, non magical creatures. sector sealed off by magic for safety reasons)

now to the explaining:

Sectors: Dimensions, holding civilizations, diverse community, based on certain traits or powers (Ex: Neptune sector: aquatic, and water based, not modern, simple yet powerful in magic and army. common trait is blue color scheme, most are slender and tall.)

Capitol: Known to be the "Jewel sector" It holds most to all of the sectors community formed as one, and is a place for Sector leaders to form alliances, war, universal court, and bloodline inauguration.

Bloodline: The relatives of Tobit Xan (Leslie's ancestor) who was the first non-magic to master and learn it, meet the sectors, and form alliances and bonds between them. Major help in sector wars, died saving capitol from Hellbound. Every 2 generations (ex: Grandparents to Grandchildren) At a young age (like 12-16) would learn of the history and their purposes. they would go through training and alot of responsibility to serve their bloodline. 

Tobit Xan: Like i said very important fellow. 

His original Posse: Consisting of his eldest son, his close friend Thoth (or universe), Thoth's brother Silas, and Thoth's two sons (Comet, and Star), Thoth's fallen wife (Clementine), and some of the original leaders of the sectors. 

Celestial bunch: Universe, Silas, Comet, and Star. Void sector leaders, have long lifespans, they ARE NOT immortal though. Void residence have been known to life very VERY long lives. They can die easily actually. Clementine died for Thoth and her kids. sacrificed herself.

Galaxy and Hellbound: twin brothers only beings to have White and Black magic. Galaxy born with White magic looking nothing like his brother was praised more. Nebula or Hellbound was a runt and was forgotten by most. cared for himself, found the Demon and Hellbound took care of him. Eventually took over nebula's life after he became grown and strong. Started the war where he killed Tobit Xan, Clementine, and many sector leaders. Used Galaxy as a vessel. After war went into hiding. thousands died because of him

Jason Xeno and the Propaganda: Once a small newsman of a small sector, he moved to the Jewel sector for a new life. Be came very successful for Propaganda and news that'll stir up the public. He became interested in Leslie and her recent "actions" Consisting of violent outbreaks of magic, and a black substance drooling out of her. He hired many spies, and paparazzi to stalk her every moves. Riots violently break out in certain sectors due to fear and worry of the people. Finds out personal info and everything about his victims. 

Her wings:  Lemme explain the gorey PAINFUL PROCESS of getting wings!  You will need about 3 people to help. Now in my little world wings take a long and painful process! Week 1: Paralyzed in certain areas because bones are re-adjusting into spine. Very un-comfortable.

Week 2: Wings growing in back, back becomes sore and bloated very painful.

My favorite week 3: (Note if ya dont like gore or graphic detail move on) The wings coming out of the back. Make sure full back is exposed. Now you will use a syringe to make 2 incisions to numb the back, grab a scalpel. Cut layers of skin on the back until muscles are exposed. Use a carving knife, YES a carving knife to make two holes or deep gashes into the shoulder blades until wing is tapped. Use a gloved hand, and dig into the gashes. Make sure you can firmly grasps the wing, and pull. Pull until whole wing is fully out and repeat on the other gash. After wings are officially out use medical remedies, to bandage and treat cut skin (Causes horrible scarring so be warned) And ice wings. 

After wings are out: You will have to go through flying school, usually in the Venus sector to learn how to fly, fight, and how to treat your new pair of wings!
Now to some backstory!!!

Backstory of leslie:
    Born into a household of very successful parents. Born with a twin brother, and had a older brother of 5 years at the time. Early age was introduced to dance, and violin. Nothing really tragic (Well her fish died that sucked rip). And lived a normal life. after a few years as a sophomore at her high school. Was part of the welcoming club. Showed new students around. She always loved to make new friends. One day two boys came to her school. (Note Void residence can change age appearance only for a few people though so Comet and Star or known as Cornelius and Stathis looked around 16-18) and they were.. odd. after a few months of being buddies with each other her grandfather(obviously) encouraged her new friends over for tea. So after some planning the two brothers and their Uncle and Dad actually showed up. (Note the Grandmother is very much clueless actually) So after some chatting she blurts out "Awe yes, i remember the good old days with you four" as she pointed to the 4 men. All went silent then ALOT of questions were asked. then after some explaining and some shows to prove it her and the 2 brothers got the case.. but her oldest brother. Mr. Science and Logic, didnt want anything to do with it. So after some debating he was cut out of this fiasco so he could continue college and have a normal life.

    So then it continues to leslie and her brother starting their journey to a bright future! Sort of. After the sectors found out they were joyous! But like everything it got around FAST. And it actually reached Hellbound. Who got people. (he obviously controlled for he sealed off and ruled a incredibly powerful sector really unknown.) To go and hunt them down. But he didnt have his own men go. He got someone who was known yet mentally weak. Voodoo's son (The Warlock sector leader) Shard. He had some issues and was really always 24/7 shitty. His Mom died and the Sector was struggling in a Depression. So why not abuse this opportunity!? So after some mind games and stuff he finally got temporary control of him! Sometime later when going to school, they were flagged down by a posse. Originally they were supposed to both be killed. But Anthony  was the one to die.. head smashed in with a tire off a motorcycle, Leslie only got away with a bullet to the shoulder. Then everything opened her eyes. She became more aware of things, and did her best to do her part.. That also left downsides. Also most not graduating  high school, and not getting to go to her dream college. explains when someone brings up schools she always is pissy..
(This is the short version of the back story fml)

    To sum it up: Leslie has been working really hard to keep everything in check with the sectors. She also went through brutal training to get where she is! She was always shut down in situations for being small and weak but she manages! y e a a 
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