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Damn im never active... need to work on that lol
Hey im tryin here ya know? Anyway. I wanna say thank you all so much! Youve all been here for me. And ive met alot of great people along the way! Ily guys so much! Sorry im running around. Im really busy.. lol welp im competing at an important contest this weekened! But i wanna thank you all again for 3 amazing years! <3

- EllieDarkside. Or The_Lilac_Artist ♡♡
Hey my dudes... tis i! Just to let you guys know about my second account!
ALilacGalaxy on DA now!
I am going to run 2 accounts for now actually! Both will be constantly updated enjoy!!
Yeaaaa so... 2 accounts. Im making my new one soon. Ima keep this on actually. Like one might be trash. Lol jk. Fanart, doodles. Tis moist. Idk still debating actually lol thats pretty much it. See ya ny doods
Why hello there friends~ i know most to all of you will pay attention to this journal More than my art cuz i get at least 300 views a month after i make one of these bad boys hey buddy PAY ATTENTION TO THE TALENTLESS SCRUB'S ART h3h3Productions #triggered (chat/comment emoticon) anyway yay its 2017! only 14 more days before america shall crumble! Anyway i am back again actually posting things and its going pretty smooth. Tbh i have been posting more fandomy things on well.. the last site someone would post art at.. ifunnyme rn its just that i know im small on there but oh idk I ACTUALLY GET FEEDBACK fOR SERIOUS DRAWINGS AND CRITIQUES from very lovely people! I know your all sweet, but honestly if i have to bother a good goddamn artist to plz PLEASE review my art it gets silly and kinda disappointing.. i know many of you lovely ladies and gents and attack helicopters on here that need it too... oh what? im tired leave me alone. anyway because pickles i made a little journal of me complaining and shit. :bademoticon: Other forms of social media have popped up for me to abuse it with my drawings and doodles .
If ya find me... yay! see ya guys later!
Okay its not so quick actually I need people's legit opinion rn.. So the shitty book series i made is done //Screech
But it is in a few notebooks yes it's was hand written rip. Anyway before i spend a crap ton of time typing it out i want to type some pieces of each book to hear your lovely thoughts... most of these occur around the ends of each book.. im only giving part of the first book rn... so have fun with my misery and slaving away for 1 1/2 years..

Book One: Reality is a Lie: "Whats your name?" 

    " 'Come shorty we'll be late' I here my obnoxious brother say as he crosses the street to our school. Our beloved caregiver waved goodbye to us as we crossed. We heard a loud rumble, like a variety of motorbikes. I felt two hands on my back as I was pushed forward. Before I fell i turned my head to see people on motorcycles.. wearing disturbing mask. They were coming close. Anthony pushed me out of the way so I wouldn't get hit. As I shifted my body to see what happened.. If Anthony at least got out of the way. I saw the first motorcycle in mid-air. About to hit my poor brothers face, I saw a last glance from him, a weak smile... BAM. The motorcycle hit him. As it landed.. it went on top of his head. Smash. Blood slashed across my face. Everything zoned out. Noises, everything became blurry for a few seconds. I saw people's silhouettes. They were scared, running, i heard muffles screams."

 " I looked up, I saw a pistol to my head, a figure with a gas mask stood in front of me. I just stared. I was speechless. I heard gunshots. The murderer was shot in the shoulder by.. my caregiver. the 17 years I have been in this world I never expected Theodore would have such weapons on him. The masked man looked away as he sped off catching up to his proxy. Sirens were blasted in the background as I was surrounded by my peers and pedestrians. I looked at my shoulder. I was shot, the masked man must've pulled the trigger before he got shot and it hit my shoulder instead. I looked up into the sky. Everything became fuzzy, my hearing came back. "Move out of the way!" I heard a familiar voice yell, it was Cornelius. He put his hand on my cheek and I gave a weak smile as I reached for his fluffy hair. He whispered to me "I knew you shouldn't of gotten involved sunshine." That's all I heard before everything became black."

WELP HELLO MY BABIES! i have decided to show my face again! Now listen closely (Robbie Rotten GIF Icon) mmmm creamy..
Anyway my ass promised these things i said in many occasions! art and shit! but lately i have done nothing productive!
//cough cough i mean i've been busy working on other things. Photography.. theater classesWhoot? i really dont have alot of time for drawings lol. i mean i can post stuff rn.. but i am tired af from a 4 hour practice for a baton contest i have next weekend.. pulled my quad ow.. but anyway yeah 
Warning: for some reason my triggered ass wants to deactivate.. I Say Spoop 
but i keep screaming but god wont answer guess we all cant win huh?

anyway thats pretty much it see ya!!
hey guys!! ImINsAnEeeEEH emote Tis I!!!!
Anyway i am only making a journal this week to describe some ordeals happening so far.
I am taking a break from the furry art! Yeah i am varying in new different types of drawings!
My furry's have evolved into a new style i will release one day but i have been working on new projects.
I thought now it is time to get a little serious about my art. Furries are fun to make but i want to try newer things
i will still resign my book, and the new counter part "A citizens Guide to our 'Heros'" 

Let me explain this book:…
When my official book is published (might be a loooong project) I have made something that is used at... whats the word for it
"Propaganda" It pretty much is a social system of all connected dimensions. A journal with new pages added every week to warn the "citizens" in the book of upcoming threats and dangers to there homes.
It affects main protagonist by giving her a hard time during the series.. Bad info being made about her, and her comrades.
Like everyday media pretty much. It is 1st person. I made it in the eyes of the creator Alfred Xeno. He is known to overly express things, making it seem bad. He has some major daddy issues lol.
Anyway with this guide it pretty much warns people about each character, and tells them if they see them they should kill them!
yay ruining lives!!

Okay anyway! If you made it this far i shall tell you of up coming projects i will try to get done! (Man i need a breakSolty Porl )

Here is some of the tasty details:
  • Working on architectural design Exterior/Interior (note: you will see many detailed drawings of houses, and inside drawings of houses. Note: i based these off of abandoned houses, i make them remolded looking, returning them into the once elegant state they were once in credit shall be given)
  • Furniture designs
  • Perspective drawings (practicing angel)
  • Maybe paintings?? (still debating) 
  • More varied drawings (Birds, trees, landscapes, etc)
  • gifts still in process (ya can wait XD)
  • outfit designs (dresses, fancy outfits, casual modern trends etc..)
  • Photography! (Taking classes and i want to test out my skills, i always come home smelling like stop bath mixed with fixer.. mostly black and white photos.. ones i can take correctly tho.)
  • Proper human anatomy (will help increase art skills!)
Yeah so these are projects i want to work on! if you only come here for furries.. now is the time you look at some good art i make. I am actually getting better at houses. I just need to put a hold on furries, i will post a few last ones soon. but then it will be other newer things!

Welp thats pretty much it! see ya! friendzoned 

edit: ima still draw some anthros but not much ;v;
ehehhehehe this account is dying!! i have been working mah butt off and i have no time! i made alot of drawings tho... can't post em now but later hgnghgnghngnn 

mmm that crippling depression sure is fine af... i desire deathSolty Porl 
anyway yeahh if anyone on was wondering if i died lol:Pokedeadbody: 
This is my new life now //hops in garbage canI'm Dead 
Based on a true story that happened 40 min ago..

You sitting in class... knowing the weather forecast would be a 55% chance of rain, you thought it would be a drizzle

Note Children, your English teacher just gave you a $104 text book, along with your 3 other textbooks you must carry,
You had to sew your back pack back together due to it breaking, he tells you he wants you all to grow up and lift some weights.
You agree. You accept the book challenge.. 

You hear a light rumble, you look outside to see pouring rain, like heavy bullets of broken dreams... (Lol)
You shrug it off knowing your dad's car was close to the school's back door, and as the bell rung you walked into the clustered hallways of people screaming about the rain, You respond haistly while moving people out of the way 
"Come on you fools it's only a little rain!" As you laugh and walk down another hallway to the back door.

I took a deep breathe assured your friends and strangers. "I got dis." As you walk outside, immediately you are soaked in rain, you turn your head back to many curious eyes, you smile and make your way to the parking lot

UH OH you forgot you got a new rental car, for your old car was in the shoppe. You didn't realize this you freak out on the inside and casually stroll back into the hallway. People look at you in awe, "Ehhh i forgot we got a new rental car." You say laughingly.
You notice your friend/wife Cat, and your other wife/friend Kiyuki, and your beloved teammate Carly. Walking up to you. 

Your one text book is ruined, the one that isn't that important. you got to keep it anyway it was yours, your textbooks that truly mattered were untouched, a little damp but no harm done. You realize it is a red van, you got the guts to make another trip out there, inviting your one wife, Cat left and you had Kiyuki but she stayed behind, You go with Carly in the pouring rain once more to see your van you get in and mike it home..

Now children, you wrap yourself in sweatpants and a long sleeve shirt and sit at your desk. 
With your oatmeal raisin cookies, a soda, and your beloved rock salt anxiety candle, lit up next to you with the smell of pumpkin. About to play video games, and relax finally..


ehhhehehehheehe this is what happened to me after i got home today!!Opal Got An Ouchie.... i am okay now i am a blanket burrito lol BY THE BIRB OF BIRBSKULL! 
anyway here was a story about my zero fucks!Noooooooooo... Emote| Peace among Worlds 
Featured irl friends in the story!
When The Halberd Is Just Right 
Okay it is august!!! DAMMIT SCHOOL STARTS! this is my last day of summer and tomorrow i am off Sans : Dude What..? Dhmis emote Triggered Tony 
Anyway i wont be on as much due to my part being played as the school one (and only in a million years) majorette 
and overall i am just going to be busy. for quite some time. Hey-whats-up-looser 
But i do have request and gifts to finish up (My precious cinnamon roll SpookySoupPoops is dying slowly on the inside due to 
my busy life lol) and request still need to be made. Art will become a little rare, and most likely you will see sketches and not full out drawings. Maybe photography, i am taking classes now. and if i need to post stuff on here i might as well take some nice shots lol. Anyway thats pretty much it. i am very devastate.

I mean come on school!! kill me now //dies 
anyway i am not ready yet for this but hey school bro anyway thats it see ya later!!Marlon Webb #JoggingManChallenge Chat/Comment Icon 
I am soooooo frustrated!!Open Mouth Baby Emperor Penguin Icon 
Its about my characters. I have so many of them for this sweet book i am writing and i am getting good progress on it. But 
some opinions alot of characters are bad!!! i have like a million i mean they are all detailed, unique from each other, 
questionably mainly male... but i am working on it i draw dudes better. and they all have back stories...
But i feel it is over doing it with the characters ;m; i worked so hard on them too. 
I can list them all (All fandoms original characters etc.)Lewis icon 
1. Leslie
2. Comet
4.Anthony and Clarence
5. leslie's parents
6. Other house hold livers
7. Universe
8. Silas
9. Galaxy
10. HellBound
11. Dr Johnson
12. Shard and Voodoo
13. Vinny and Louie
14. Apollo and Artemus
15. Tobit Xan
16. Arachna
17. Scarlet (new female character i have been working on for a while)
18. Techna
19. Connie
20. Alex
21 Lilac
22. Pip and Dr Vortex (IZ)
23. Aquamarine and labradorite (steven universe)
24. Blue vortex, Prince Comet, Skull Face, Blue Balloon, Gina, (MLP)
25. Jabaracus
26. Others i forgot exsisted.... idk who though and background characters i might think of em sooner or later..
I mean i destroyed some old ones but now i feel like i am overdoing it
I really am freaking out mostly the furry ones 1-21 i luv em all and i worked so hard on them. 

Now my question is:
Is it WRONG to have more than 10 characters... BUT all of the characters have been given so much love and thought into them..
I am having the issue right now... halp meh ;m;
School starting soon, and blah but there is another thingy! The contest ;m;
well it wasnt a huge success that i thought it would be doh.. but!! i liked the 2 entries!
i am cutting it short by 2 days and announcing the winner!
Httpkiyu she won tem contest!! with her awesome designs!!
  here here here here- by Httpkiyu i really LOVE the design! it super kawaii ;w; ehhh my sister worked hard but it was just for fun for her ;v;!!Papy 
Thankie my waiiifuuuu!!! i am happy at least someone did it!! ;v; i am grateful for it!
I hope if i do more contest it'll be a little smoother than the poorly planned one i simply made ;v;
anyway thank you waifu and sister lol and the design shall be used often and endless love shall come your way!!
honhnohonhonhonhonohnohn fan artzzzz anyway i would have better prizes if i decided to make  different one lol
but thank you!!Demoman's Crazy Eyebrows (TF2 Chat Icon) (idk anymore XDD)
ehhh i needed to make some shout outs to lovelies here ;v;

:iconxxmunchkinmunshixx:meaochi  : This is bae... bby you mean so much to me!!! uvu love ya *hugs* 
Your art is kawaii!!!! uvu 

:iconhttpkiyu: Httpkiyu  : hgnghgnghnghgnghn WAIFU!!! I CAN'T LIVE WITHOUT YOU!!!!111!1!1
:iconanonymous2748:anonymous2748  : that moment when you realize your boyfriend actually gave this website a chance... lol
JFC MAN!!1! goddamn flatter. Ehh.. what would i do without you! hgngghghgghghnghgn
:iconthetoxicdoctor:: TheToxicDoctor  yassss.... AWESOME YOUTUBER!! 11/10 good shit right there right there (chorus: right there) good shit, good shit
:iconadventuremikeyreborn:: AdventureMikeyReborn  Buddy Chum Pal Friend hueheueheueheuheuehueheuhe LIEK MAH PUNS BOI
:iconcarameltampons::  CaramelTampons  Your.Art.GOALS!! you are too amazing!!
:iconxxsavagepiexx:: xXSavagePieXx  You.Are.Savage Literally too lit for this world 
:iconhaleytheshadowmoth:: HaleytheShadowMoth  NOOT NOOT BIOTCH!!
:icongoliathdoesflash66:: GoliathDoesFlash66  YOU!!!!! Are my sandwich lord uvu can't have a darkside without the sandwich lord.
:iconcomet0ne: Comet0ne  //slaps STOP BEING AWESOME!! ;^; //double slap
:iconmatakiethehedgewolf:: MatakietheHedgewolf  dat lovely 
 :iconvampirekittenrose:: VampireKittenRose  Yaasssssss everything about you!!!
:iconxxzelda-de-katxx:: XxZelda-de-katxX  Sister who makes me sweet art, and i cant find a way to make it up to her //slapped
:icontheamazinggman:: TheAmazingGMan  Dat boi
:iconcrownedfloaa:: CrownedFloaa  Dis is mah girl!!
:iconcottoncxndy:: CottonCxndy  AHHHH YOUR ART!!! you are super sweet and you are soooo nice!!
:icon7heshadowwolf:: 7heShadowWolf  WHO DO YOU THINK YOU ARE COMING UP HERE AND BEING SO KIND!! //slapped
You are a flatter and you always make my day!!!! uvu

Yuporooni!! uvu you are all super duper sweet!!! and you are the people who are like squad!!!!
If you wanna be featured i always find something to describe EVERYONE ON HERE!! just let me know ;)
Love ya guys!!!! <33
I just want to say something!! THANKS FOR 20,000 PAGEVIEWS!! WOOT WOOT!
seriously that is awesome! It means alot to me too!EYEBROW SEAL INTENSIFIES MLP Emote Twilight Sparkle Heart attack Hnng 
idfk this is short i am SUPER TIRED TODAY!! and busy lol thanks you!
I AM HAVING THIS CONTEST! dammit i can't come up with shit!
in a few hours the pictures of the both of them will be posted and the goal here is to help me with clothes designs
and get some love going through!
yes there are prizes
Prizes: 1st: gifts, my soul that was sold to Cthulhu (jk u can't get it from him), half off commissions (only when opened), um will you take 6 points? and love that is undying from me, and custom character designs (up to 5 i am sorry ;-; )

2nd place: gifts, half off commissions (only when opened), 3 custom character designs

3rd place: gifts, half off comissions (only when opened), 2 custom character design 

 here will be some recommendations for designs:
(And if you feel like doing it for fun and not the contest that is SOOOO recommend it would be very sweet of you
to do that and it means A TON to me)

1. It should be something badass
2. Not super into cheesy t-shirts and jeans, they are magical beings and they could use some sweet clothes
3. Please don't add a crap ton of suns and moons all over their clothes.
4. consider their personalities for designs 
5. do not base it off of Luna and Celestia from MLP (i will know lol)
6. some armor like vest, legs, arms, and shoulder pads. WOULD BE SO COOL! (but not required)

Now this is a friendly contest and it is supposed to be fun! the deadline of the contest ends at the end of July 
i will verify the date a little later in the month but i hope you all have fun and those pictures will be out soon!! ^u^

Thank you so much!!

Entries: holy shit i am crying so beautiful!! 
here here here here- by Httpkiyu By Httpkiyu  Owl Brothers (+speedpaint) by XxZelda-de-katxX XxZelda-de-katxX  (not an entry just for fun My older sister ovo)
It might not be super successful, I really don't have points i am broke on here... but i have other things to actually
offer, ANY request, custom characters, cheaper commission prices, un-dying love from me..., gifts and stuff. 
But, here is the concept. I am making 2 new characters Apollo ans Artemis (sun and moon). And i can't think of a design that suits them...
But i don't want something cheesy like i said I AM STILL DEBATING ;-; Sheila FFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFF Emote 
I am coming up with some ideas right now. But i feel if i cannot make a design soon then i will hold a contest.
I will just post a nude Reference of the both of them and you can all work your magic.
IF THERE IS ONE! here will be some recommendations for designs:
(And if you feel like doing it for fun and not the contest that is SOOOO recommend it would be very sweet of you
to do that and it means A TON to me, if there is one XDD)

1. It should be something badass
2. Not super into cheesy t-shirts and jeans, they are magical beings and they could use some sweet clothes
3. Please don't add a crap ton of suns and moons all over their clothes.
4. consider their personalities for designs 
5. do not base it off of Luna and Celestia from MLP (i will know lol)
6. some armor like vest, legs, arms, and shoulder pads. WOULD BE SO COOL! 

welp that is all i recommend, if i plan to throw one. Heeeheegh 
please don't go though the trouble of starting it now if you plan on doing the contest, right now this thing is debatable not yet approved.Yaranaika Papyrus - Undertale  and i don't want to hear that I never told you. <33

Thanks!! :bademoticon: 
Tagged by SonicRaver86 

1. Write down every letter of your name or username vertically
2. Write down a song that pops up in your mind beginning with each letter
3. Count the number of letters and tag that many people in your journal.

Lone Digger: Caravan Palace
I Do Love you: Kill Paris
Lovefool: Hatsune Miku
A Lady: Tally Hall
CAN YOU FEEL THE LOVE TONIGHT!!!!: artist: idk lol

I tag: EVERYONE!!!!
Well i just have thought of a sweet new idea!!!
I always go one in some role plays about other Dimensions and shit, and i never really got the idea on what these dimensions and the people would look like. The main dimensions would be like the planet's names like Mercury Venus Earth Mars Jupiter Saturn Uranus and Neptune, They are just dimensions not what each planet. But yeah. I already finished Neptune, Jupiter, and Venus. I am still working on the others planet. 
I also thought each character would originate from a dimension and have magical powers like the known species.
For example: Comet and Star and their dad and uncle are from the Jupiter dimension. They are part... i guess you would say centaur but some aren't even horses they are, like caribou or hoofed animals cows, mules, ox stuff like that. They can turn into their centaur counter parts that helps them escape or something!! FACE PUNCHING!!! GIF My Little Pony - But I didn't listen! 
anyway i am still working on it though there should be pictures soon though!!:bademoticon: 
i am still working on designs and actual originas and i think i should finish leslie's species design anyway that was something!!!Lapis!! Stop!! Bill Cipher Squatting GIF 
Hey guys sorry if i haven't been on lately
i have been too busy to do anything lately i didn't think April would be this crazy x.x
i have gotten onto other art websites though ya know to expand and i haven't even been active on there
and all Sans Chat Icon 2 
I know i have people's stuff to make up commissions art trades other shit. but i cant be on this computer 24/7
and i do not wish to plan to be. I have things to do, i am a student in clubs and activities were it takes way my time on here
i have homework and all that jazz a normal student would have, but everyday i have something to do
and i am a baton twirler i have places to be and things to do, i am not always on, i actually have better things to do than to
always be on here, like oh i dunno.... working on my book i stopped for 3 months because i am busy, actually developing characters
drawing, and just relaxing XDD

i will i guess be a little more active on here and ALL the other websites i am on and try to keep my sanity XDRatatoing- Precisely Animated Icon 
anyway that is it like i said my apologize on the hold up for people some have been waiting WAY more that others i am getting the important ones done, and working on them in times i actually have!
anyway that was an update thanks!!Hell yeahhh skeleton 
I got tagged by dis chick: :iconmatakiethehedgewolf:  (curse you XD lol jk)
Anyway here are her questions:

1. What are your favorite movies that have come out this year so far?

 DEADPOOL!!!Deadpool icon Deadpool icon Deadpool icon Deadpool icon 

2. What do you want to do in the future?
Be an animator or bartender!Sans Chat Icon 

3. Do you have any annoying siblings?
Yes very :bademoticon: 

4. Favorite character you want to cosplay as? 
Idk Sans Derp Face Jacksepticeye 

5. Favorite type of music?
electro swing, dem wubby dubsteps, and other shiz!

6. What is your crush on a SEGA character? Sweatshirt - Evil Face Insane Chester Laughing 
Lol no one to be honest here my, sega loving friend i actually hat.... er i mean am not associated with that 
company of fandom now, nor will i ever be again! InhAle mY dong sHadow 

7. Do you like coffee?

8. Favorite TV show?
hmmmmmjmhykmejgnkg.... i like..... Steven universe! and gravity falls:bademoticon: You Clod!! (Animated Peridot Icon) 

9. Do you ever want to prank anyone?
Already did dat XD

10. Have you ever been purposefully scared to death by another person (By friends, parents or siblings.)
No it is actually very hard to scare me now ;-;

11. What is your greatest fear? Inside Out Reaction Icon: Fear fainting GIF 
Being alone, the dark is 2spooky4me Tusken Raider Icon 

12. Favorite animal for a pet?
I like ox, and caribou 

13. What do you think of my questions? Curious blink 

Dey is okay Burgerpants Icon 

Now my questions!!! Woah, Daffy, calm down... 

1. favorite anime? GIF Wander Over Yonder - Yes!! 

2. Do ya like undertale? Markiplier Creepy Smile (F2U) 

3. Do you like to dance? :bademoticon: 

4. Do these questions sound like i am running out of ideas[ICON] This Is Fine 

5. Which characters of mine do you like? Sans Chat Icon 

6. I am done now bai! 

I tag the following!! Sans icon - Cool 

 :iconmatakiethehedgewolf: (revenge)
And thats all i can think of!! 
anyone else is free to do it!!

huehuehuehheuheuhueeuhueheueuhueueheueheuheuheuuehueuheuehuehueHue c: